"Nestor" - SPECIAL MARKINGS - A-Grade Russian Reindeer Hide

"Nestor" - SPECIAL MARKINGS - A-Grade Russian Reindeer Hide


Our Reindeer Hides are of the best quality & grade you can get.

Smaller & often darker than their Scandinavian sisters; Russian reindeer hides are also cut differently giving them a more square shape. Russian reindeer hides are farmed in smaller herds making them less widely available. They also have better diets; making them incredibly soft, rich & thick.

These "special marking": hides cost us more to buy in & offer to you, yet make for an utter statement piece for your home. 

We make sure our hides are harvested in the winter months when the animal is at its fullest and thickest. Reindeer hair is hollow making them more delicate than sheepskin or cowhides. 

As no two natural Reindeer hides are the same, we offer a unique service of providing you with photos of every reindeer hide currently in stock so you can hand select the one that suits your home best. For current stock please contact us shop@burrowandhide.com.


  • Medium 70-80cm x 100-120cm

Reindeer Hides are generally regarded as being used for ornamental purposes, inside or outside the home. They look beautiful indoors, as wall, floor or furniture decorations.Outside on a wall, bench or chair, as well as being used to cover inside of log cabins, on walls, floors and seats.Each skin is unique with luxurious markings and super soft fur.The hollow hair means they are perfect for heat efficiency. Read our blog post for more info.

Eco Friendly
Reindeer provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools making them an Eco-Friendly and sustainable product.


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