Exotic White Belly/Spine Cowhide

Exotic White Belly/Spine Cowhide

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Full Bovine Cowhides with their spectacular unique markings provide ideal superb natural coverings for stone and/or wooden floors.

As no two natural cowhides are the same, we offer a unique service of providing you with photos of every cowhide currently in stock so you can hand select the one that suits your home best. For current stock & individual prices please contact us shop@burrowandhide.com. 

Dimensions are a general approximate. Hides are priced on size & on markings as some breeds are harder to get hold of & more expensive to buy in than others. 

Medium - 2.5-3.0 sq m

Large - 3.0-3.9 sq m

X Large - 4.0-4.4 sq m

XX Large - 4.5-4.9 sq m

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