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Why Buy A-Grade Reindeer Hides?

Reindeer Hides by Burrow & Hide

Like with many things in life, with Reindeer Hides, you get what you pay for. Often people tell us how cheaply they bought theirs on a holiday in Norway or at a Christmas Market in London. However, they usually follow that up with "and it sheds like mad".

Unfortunately, you have to be really careful where you buy your reindeer hide from. They must be harvested in the winter, they must be salted and tanned correctly and they must be stored appropriately too. When a reindeer hide is A-Grade - it meets all of these criteria. 

Reindeer hair is hollow and therefore more delicate than sheepskin or cowhides. Although they look like they are just perfect for the floor in front of a roaring fire, they really aren't able to cope with the intense heat and this will quickly dry out your reindeer. They have a similar reaction to underfloor heating or being left in a conservatory. We recommend you use your Reindeer Hide for decorative purposes, as a throw or wall covering. You can use them as a rug in very low traffic areas too, however, be mindful that some hair will perhaps loosen underfoot overtime. 

We recommend giving your reindeer hide a very light misting once every six months to help keep the leather moist and prevent drying out. Naturally, they are not used to our central heating and this just helps maintain them. Turn them over so the leather is facing upwards and just with water, lightly mist the back. Be careful not to soak the leather, remember a little will go along way. Cleaning is not a daunting task. Simply shaking it is sufficient. An occasional vacuuming set on a low setting and done occasionally would also so.

For piece of mind, we offer a years guarantee on all our reindeer; so if they do begin to shed, we will happily accept the hide back and replace it with another of your choice. If you have any further questions or wish to know more about Reindeer hides, please feel free to drop us an email or call

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