No Home Studios is the lucid dream of Australian illustrator and surface designer, Lauren McIvor. The label idealises a world of imagination, where print can exist on any surface and in any combination. Here Lauren creates limited edition collections with luxury fabrics and a mix of traditional and modern printing techniques.


No Home Studios is both a boutique label and Lauren’s studio in New York. She splits her time between Brooklyn, her homeland Australia and her adopted country England, with changing stops in-between. It is these nomadic tendencies that drive her work and inspire prints and patterns that belong anywhere.


Mind Melt is the first collection of scarves from Lauren’s New York studio. Digitally printed, perception-warping graphics sit atop the light texture of 100% Silk Crepe de Chine. Influenced by sixties psychedelia and Lauren’s obsession with black, each scarf was created to bend minds, whether worn alone or layered in a perfect clash of prints. Open your mind. These scarves are to be worn at any time, with anything, whichever way you wish.

No Home. Belong Anywhere.

100% Silk. Burrow & Hide - Exclusive UK Stockist. 

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