Zebra Hide: South African Burchell Zebra

Zebra Hide: South African Burchell Zebra

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We only source A-Grade hides, therefore this Zebra is flawless without any patching or stitching. This beautiful hide is unique in markings, has a lovely full main which lies flat when down and a perfectly symmetrical pattern which is simply rare for a natural product. 

Dimensions are an approximate guide.

Head to Base: 2.4 Metres 

Head to Tail: 3.1 Metres 

Arm to Arm Width: 2.1 Metres 

Across the Middle: 1.4 Metres

It is important we say; Burchell Zebra is not an endangered species. Burchell Zebra are, in fact, quite prolific in Africa and often culled as they eat vegetation needed to feed the elephants and giraffes. They are also like our British Cows - eaten as a main source of meat in Africa - therefore we can guarantee all our Zebra Hides are eco-friendly, ethically sourced and a by-product. No Zebra is killed for its hide. 

All our Zebra Hides are from the KwaZulu National Park in South Africa, which is a government run organisation. They cull Burchell Zebras at different times of the year in order to maintain an ecosystem where the population of animals does not grow out of control and damage the environment for other animals. 

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